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Search Engine Optimization (for its acronym in English) consists of a series of optimization techniques both internal to the page and external focused on improving the positioning to achieve the top positions of google (or other search engine).

The Google advertising system that allows you to display ads both on the same Google page and on associated sites (mail providers, news sites, leisure pages, etc.). Google AdWords has different types of payment, the main ones are by print, click or conversion.

The answer is a resounding and simple NO, the reason is because Google always makes sure to deliver relevant results to the user’s search, and they must also meet certain quality and speed requirements. Although Google does have the option of ads or AdWords they always appear highlighted as advertising, and not within their results.

A marketing strategy is designed according to the product, target market and budget. This strategy considers the best combination of technologies such as google adwords, google maps, mobile devices, web positioning and social media advertising.

Generally it is immediately, since for each business the best combination between advertising, social networks and web positioning is sought. As a result, from day 1 of the campaign you will begin to receive advertising traffic and approximately between 3 and 6 months you can see the results of the web positioning.

Our services are designed with Indian SMEs an Start-ups in mind, that is, we do not require large monthly budgets for marketing expenses. If you are interested in growing your online presence, we can surely design a plan tailored to your business, consult without obligation!

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