Zappcode's Franchise Assistance and Procedure How Zappcode Academy assist you?
Zappcode Academy provides induction programs, counselor training, and certification for new Business Partners and their staff. We host Sales and marketing training periodically and ongoing training for new products.
Zappcode Academy designs the admission process and offers an online examination for students. In addition, We provide a data management system for managing student records and center operations.
Zappcode offers marketing and advertising initiatives on a national level. We also provide support to Business Partners by giving them region-specific advertising.
Zappcode provides comprehensive technical support to franchises, including a dedicated promotional video, 100% recruitment support from our head office in Pune, and interviews conducted by Zappcode Academy. The sales team and trainers will be trained in our corporate office in Pune, and we’ll provide organic leads through our CRM system.
Additionally, Zappcode offers new Business Partners an initial startup kit that contains product brochures and promotional material. Both the advertising support and the startup kit are subject to a minimal charge.
(To get the zappcode startup kit, click Eligibility The ideal prospect for this position should have a graduate degree in any field, and they must efficiently gather resources from both internal and external sources.
The candidate should also be willing to invest a significant amount of their own money into the project, with a minimum investment of 50-60% of the total cost.
In addition to these business-related skills, the candidate should also have the personal values and qualities needed to be a successful leader. Lastly, the candidate should know the regional and local markets intimately.


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