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Introduction to the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

The Best Digital Marketing Institute in India is the one that offers qualitative learning experience. This blog will help you to choose the best Internet Marketing Institute in 2022. Individuals generally prefer to purchase online rather than in person.

In this pandemic condition, the availability of smart networks is expanding in daily life. Digitalization is promotion done online by the user. This implies that brands have a plethora of options available to them. Digital marketing assets include your website, brand assets, video material, pictures, etc.



Digital Marketing Course is available in different forms like certification, diploma, and degrees. Today, you will get all information about the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India in 2022.



Digital marketing is the MOST DEMANDING JOB in the business of advertising, and it comes with a plethora of job profiles to pick from. You only need to identify your subject of concern and enroll in the appropriate digital marketing program.



During the epidemic, many companies understood the value of internet marketing. It ponders our future. As a result, investing your time and money will considerably enrich your life and profession. The role of online marketing is especially significant in this day and age of digitalization and smart gadgets. Better pay, more chances, and no worry of losing your work – this is the industry for everyone – and among the most pleasurable occupations on the planet.



Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the second top-ranked profession in India in 2022. The Digital Marketing profession is the first choice of 600 million people all over the world. Digital Marketing is the new trend of the year 2022 followed by millions of people.

Currently, All businesses are running in online and offline modes in 2022. In contrast, to the past 2 years, Digital Marketing was only the key strategy in the business industry. Digital Marketers earn through upscaling the profile of businesses digitally.

The digital marketing sector is rising, and it is predicted to rise by 27% by 2020, hitting the 17,000 crore milestone. Around 2020, there seem to be roughly 700 million active social media users throughout India, with this figure predicted to rise from over 970 million by 2025. It is expected to exceed 414 billion worth by 2022, according to projections.

By the end of 2025, digital might have surpassed the Rs.50,000 crore threshold, rising at a CAGR of 27.4%. According to Digital Marketing Expert, the industry is predicted to increase at such an 11.83 point margin CAGR to Rs.1,33,921 crores by 2025. E-commerce within India, which has the biggest proportion of finest digital marketing, is predicted to increase to 71.0 billion.

The primary objective is to help all small owners as well as big owners. Digital Marketing helps in brand development and professionalization. Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, digital marketing has evolved as the quickest means of marketing.

Companies are shifting away from traditional marketing approaches and toward digital marketing and the development of powerful strategies to reach a bigger audience. As a result, the global population of internet users has increased.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing can be learned in different ways from basic to specific levels. From Certification to Post Graduate Degree, there is a lot to study in the best digital marketing Institute in India. The course should have different modules to meet all the parameters to choose the best digital marketing institute in India.

The digital marketing courses modules should include Search Engine Optimization, organic trafficking, SEM, Good Analytics, marketing strategies, affiliate marketing, goal-oriented approach, and so on.

Today, there are a plethora of various digital marketing courses available in India and throughout the world that provide learners, grads, and experts with the opportunity to board an express train to new career opportunities.

Because of the increased need for expertise, several companies and colleges now offer digital marketing courses. You must choose courses that are valuable to you. We’ve developed a list including programs available both worldwide and in India to assist you to avoid being deceived.

We’ve included the benefits of taking the course, as well as where you can obtain it, along with the prices.

Digital Marketing Institute

Different types of Digital Marketing institutes are presently running in India. There are different Digital Marketing Institute parameters through which you can choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India. These parameters are the list of facilities a child wants.

The best Digital Marketing Institute in India should give life as well as recorded lectures, Live Project Experience, Budget/Pocket friendly, internship or job offer, and so on.  Digital Marketing programs in India are acknowledged to be a growth in the sector, ranging from start-ups to global corporations.

Every expert, if an individual worker or a big brand, desires to have been in their customers’ eyes. Businesses and organizations use digital marketing training in India to achieve this goal.

Best way to choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India

Sr No. Institute Name Mode Fees Opportunities
1 Zappkode, Mumbai Both Online and
Offline Mode
  Offers Live Projects,
Internships, and
Job Opportunities
2 NIIT Online Only 70,000 No
3 Upgrad Online Only 85000 (Starting)
to 1,25,000
4 Talent Edge Online Only 80,000(Starting) No
5 IIDE, Mumbai Both Online and
Offline Mode
6 DMTI(Digital Marketing Training Institute), Mumbai Both Online and
Offline Mode
  Personal Placement Cell
7 DigiGrad Online Only   No
8 Digital Vidya Online Only 50,000 No
9 All India Management Association Online Only 93,000 No
10 Amity Future Academy Online Only 1,55,000 No
Choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute

Different – the best Digital Marketing Institute in India in 2022

According to the reports of 2022, We have millions of digital Marketing Institutes in India. The top 10 the best Digital Marketing institute in India are mentioned below:-

Other Digital Marketing Institutes in India
Other Digital Marketing Institutes In India

1. Zappkode

  • Zappkode Solutions and Zappkode Academy is a Nagpur and Navi Mumbai-based software development and digital marketing firm.
  • Company Vision: Small Business Awards 2020 named us the “Most Client-Focused Software Development and Digital Marketing Company – India.”


  • NIIT provides digital marketing expertise to student entrepreneurs.
  • It transforms graduates into qualified professionals who are ready for work.
  • NIIT is home to one of India’s top 10 digital marketing programs.
  • The program lasts 20 weeks.

3. Upgrad

  • Upgrad provides courses in a variety of disciplines.
  • MICA has collaborated with Upgrad for the certification in Digital Marketing, which encompasses social media advertising, digital marketing, rebranding, and marketing analytics, as one of the streams.
  • At 6.5 months, it’s a somewhat lengthy program.
  • One of the most costly online classes accessible, with prices ranging from INR 87,750 to INR 1.25 lakhs.
  • Accreditation from MICA case reports, projects and one-on-one coaching with industry professionals are just a few of the exciting components of this course.

4. Talent Edge

  • TalentEdge delivers a Professional Development Plan in Digital Marketing from XLRI for Rs.80,000 for a 6-month course.
  • The professional development program is training for marketing professionals who want to learn the intricacies of digital marketing tactics and technologies for completing the requirements.


  • Indian Institute of Digital Education, located in Mumbai, provides digital marketing courses.
  • The digital marketing program is intended to provide newcomers with an in-depth introduction to the field of digital marketing while also assisting pros in expanding their existing understanding of all things digital.
  • The curriculum is divided into six months of lessons three times a week and three hours of independent certification courses held once a week for six months.


  • A Certification Program in Digital Media Marketing is offered by Digital Marketing Training Institute(DMTI) in Mumbai.
  • The curriculum is a one-year full-time program that focuses on both the strategy and operational components of Digital Marketing.
  • They also have an engaged placements cell that assists course attendees in suitable employment in the marketing world.

7. Digi Grad

  • DigiGrad is a Social Beat business that promises to equip ambitious candidates with digital marketing training.
  • The instruction is provided in the form of live interactive sessions.
  • Working with top applicants and internet marketing schools to collaborate, learn, and develop.
  • This platform offers a Foundation Course in marketing for executives, professionals, and newcomers.
  • It also provides customized classes such as Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online marketing training.

8. Digital Vidya

  • Digital Vidya is a renowned Digital Marketing training firm and one of the first in India to establish a Digital Marketing course series.
  • They profess to have had involvement from over 1 million professionals, as well as over 10,000 companies and institutions, since 2009.
  • In collaboration with V-Skills, a Government of India project, Digital Vidya also provides Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Social Networking Certification programs. Their program’s cost is INR 50,000.

9. All Indian Management Association

  • All India Management Association (AIMA) offers an AICTE-approved one-year curriculum.
  • The cost every semester is INR 31,000, and the total cost of the system is likely to be INR 93,000.
  • Email marketing, SEO/SEM, pay- per click, sponsored links, digital display, product promotion, online video, and advanced analytics are some of the primary digital marketing strategies covered in this course.
  • This three-month online course is organized into six sections.

10. Amity Future Academy

  • In cooperation with Wharton University, Amity University introduced the Certification in Digital Marketing Techniques through its online avatar, Amity Future Academy.
  • It is priced at INR 1,55,000, which is rather high, especially given that the instructor is not from Wharton.
  • It is a one-year curriculum that consists of 13 courses, one of which is business strategy.

Which one is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India?

According to Google and research, The Best Digital Marketing Institute in India is based on the best curriculum, training, affordability, hands-on experience with the right approach.

Digital Marketing requires lots of practice and experience. It would be preferable to learn from experienced trainers. Online Marketing is a new process used by almost all businessmen to set up their business online.

Choose the top-ranked institution only for the best Internet marketing learning experience. The best online marketing institute can be identified based on the different ways mentioned below:-

  • Assess the present academics.
  • Check out their Google Business listing.
  • Pose a technical inquiry to the existing pupils.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India?

The best way to choose the best Digital Marketing institute in India is primarily based on the course structure, fees, placement opportunities, and so on.

How to choose the Best Digital Marketing Institute in India
What will you learn
  • Check Google, online education portals, or discussion forums for evaluations and suggestions from industry professionals and past students. Where possible, reach out to graduates on LinkedIn for direct input.
  • Course Curriculum and Faculty Knowledge: Evaluate the Institution or course provided based on the curricula, instructor experience, training modules, and applicability to existing industry methods and developments.
  • Enquire into the digital marketing institute’s placement options or institutional partnerships for actual projects and hands-on experience with newly learned professional marketing skills.
  • While certification is not a replacement for taught skills and hands-on industry experience, it may add to the CV of a newcomer entering the sector or a professional wishing to change careers. Choose courses that are recognized by a variety of educational institutions and corporations.

Why is Zappkode the best Digital Marketing Institute in India?

Zappkode is considered Nagpur’s Best Internet Marketing Institute in India. “Why only Zappkode or What makes Zappcode Academy different from other institutes?” Learning at Zappkode is easy with experienced trainers.

Let’s discuss some key factors which define Zappkode as the best Digital Marketing Institute in India:-

Zappkode Curriculum Insight
Choose Zappkode for Digital Marketing

1. Curriculum

  1. SEO Certification Course: 1 Month (Rs. 12,999)
  2. Google Adwords Certification Course: 1 Month (Rs. 12,999)
  3. Google Analytics Certification Course: 1 Month (Rs. 12,999)
  4. Social Media Marketing & Optimization Course: 1 Month (Rs. 14,999)
  5. Affiliate Marketing Course: 1 Month (Rs. 14,999)
  6. WordPress Development Course: 1 Month (Rs. 12,999)
  7. YouTube & Adsense Monetisation Course: 1 Month (Rs. 14,999)
  8. Blogging Course: 1 Month (Rs. 12,999)
  9. Advance Digital Marketing Course: 3 Months (Rs. 24,999)

2. Learning Mode

All Lectures at Zappkode Provides classes in both the learning modes. Classes will be provided in both online, offline, or hybrid modes. Both the learning modes at Zappkode are given by teachers with around 20 years of experience in the digital marketing field.

3. Placement Opportunities

Zappkode provides the best student opportunity of learning through practicing with live projects in Digital Marketing Courses. We at Zappkode also offer the best internship or job placement opportunities to scholars.

4 . Goal-Oriented Approach

Trainers at Zappkode worked as facilitators. The main objective of the modules showcases the future-oriented or job oriented or goal-oriented approach.

5. Doubt Sessions

Zappkode offers a facility for every doubt session. You can ask for free, ask for doubts, or practice sessions at any time.

6. Assessment

Learners will get daily, weekly, and monthly assessment reports. We have some parameters to match to get the course completion certification. Different parameters include the assessment process in digital marketing courses like attendance records, learning achievements, practical training, and much more.

7. Long Term Relation with Zappkode

Enrolling in the digital marketing courses and software development courses is a long-term connection built between the trainers and learners. Zappkode provides free counseling and guidance sessions.


However, Internet Marketing is a new trend in India. This blog included different information about “ What is online marketing?” “And Where can you learn digital marketing?”  I have shared the top 10 – best Digital Marketing Institutes in India in 2022. According to reports and facilities, Zappkode is the top-ranked Marketing Institute. So, Enrolling in Zappkode will be a win-win game for learners.


How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Institute In India- 2022

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