Pay Per Click

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Zappcode Academy’s Digital Marketing Classes In Nagpur offers PPC means pay per Click. PPC is a method of online advertising through Google AdWords or Facebook that basically buys visits and clicks to your site. PPC in digital marketing contains creating and placing ads on the Google page These ads are basically used to encourage people to visits their website.

We create ads and for that basis bid on specific search terms for which to show them. These pay per click ads will be appearing above and below the non-paid organic search outcome and you’ll pay the search engine an insignificant fee all time when a anyone clicks on your ad, irrespective of the total number of times the ad was publicized. Pay per click ads can display up on search engines, social media platforms, web pages, and apps.

Paid search ads typically search results (web page title, URL, and below description) but is marked with “Sponsored” or “Promoted”. Display ads be incorporated an elected spot on a web page, and may highlight with the business’s brand design, or take a “native” form for it to create a continuous view for the user.

PPC in digital marketing is one of the best methods in Search Engine Marketing and it is very effective when you want to get leads and create brand awareness in short period of time.

PPC Techniques Which Will Covered by Zappcode Academy.

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