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PPC Certification

Zappcode Academy’s Digital Marketing Classes In Nagpur offers Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification course. PPC is a method of online advertising through Google AdWords or Facebook that buys visits and clicks to your site. PPC in digital marketing contains creating and placing ads on the Google page or on Facebook. These ads are used to encourage people to visit their website and create a general awareness of the brand.

We create ads on platforms, advertisers bid on specific search terms, and compete with other competitors for No.1 rank in SERP. These pay per click ads will be appearing above and below the non-paid organic search outcome and you’ll pay the search engine an insignificant fee every time when someone clicks on your ad, irrespective of the total number of times the ad was publicized. Pay per click ads can display up on search engines, social media platforms, web pages, and apps.

Paid search ads typically search results (web page title, URL, and below description) but are marked with “Sponsored” or “Promoted”. Display ads are incorporated into an elected spot on a web page and may highlight with the business’s brand design, or take a “native” form for it to create a continuous view for the user.

PPC Certification in digital marketing is one of the best methods in Search Engine Marketing and it is very effective when you want to get leads and create brand awareness in a short period.

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Why is PPC So Important?


When someone clicks on your ad, you’ll need to pay the present Cost-per-Click from your budget and once the budget gets depleted, Google stops playing your ads until you replenish the fund.

Most of the businessmen prefer PPC advertising because with this they’re cognizant of their expenses and this awareness plays an important role in determining other marketing strategies.


The budget is the core element of any business and holds utmost importance.
Here, you’ll set your financial plans for PPC advertising and may even control the entire expenses.
You have all the facility to line the budget consistent with your needs.
With it, specific daily and monthly budgets are set to form sure that you simply don’t exceed your budget limit.


With PPC, you’ll exactly choose the space where you would like your ads to urge displayed.
This means that you simply can make your marketing campaigns as targeted as possible through PPC.
In this way, it ensures that your ads are showed the proper audience at the right time in order that you generate real and relevant leads.
To target mobile users, who are exceeding all the opposite device users, you’ll use device-specific preferences.

With the help of re-targeting options, you can reach out to people who showed an interest in your product/service.
It also helps you to deliver specific messages to your target customers at the clock time once they are presumably to convert.

Unlike the natural results displayed within the sponsored results, the PPC ads are often changed, tested and optimized to urge the utmost effectiveness.

The concept of testing of the PPC ads allows marketers to understand which combination of the keyword and ads work the simplest .


Organic search results are one among the foremost reliable sources for achieving future online marketing goals.

But thanks to the very fact that it takes a extended time to offer out results. PPC is usually preferred over it to make sure the incoming of faster results.

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PPC Techniques Which Will Covered in PPC Certification By Zappcode Academy.


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