Top 10 Best Software Courses In India for an IT Fresher

Technology sector is currently booming in India with massive job and earning opportunities for fresher’s as well as experienced individuals. India has been a hub for IT professionals and software engineers and services for years and is a recognised dominant force of the sector in the IT world.  As the world continues to welcome technology with its usage being at an all-time high, the demand for software professionals is just going to rise in future. So completing courses based on in demand technologies can help you gain access to great earning opportunities by educating yourself with relevant skills and knowledge to be marketable in the job market. This article has a list of some of the most in demand technologies and software courses that an individual can complete to score good job and internship opportunities.


Python is a simple and high level programming language used in various tech domains like web development, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is also a very important part of data science and data analysing, both domains enjoying a growing demand in the market. Python has gained popularity in developers because of its high ease of use and simplicity. Python courses usually cover topics such as data structures, algorithms, OOPs concepts, and web development using Django and Flask.


DevOps is a methodology related to software development that provides a combination of software and IT development to improve the efficiency of the entire process. Today, DevOps is a well-paid and highly growing sector with a pretty less number of skilled individuals. DevOps is a consolidation of many topics such as continuous integrations. Deployment and delivery. It also includes vital topics such as Git, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes.

3.Web Development

Nowadays every small business owner and even communities are pushing for their own websites to attract a greater audience and mileage towards its business. Web development is combination of languages and libraries such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more like Angular, React and Node.js. It also deals with attractive designing of web pages and responsive web designs, web security and web performance optimization which is important for SEO performance of the website.

4.Data Science

Data science is a field that deals with analysing company’s data and records to provide analysis and insights that help companies plan future goals and study trends and performance of their statistics. This field combines mathematics, computer programming and statistics to analyse extra insights and information from simple sets of data. It covers various domains like machine learning, statistical analysis and data visualisation. It has a lot of job opportunities and the field is in rise is in the current scenario.

5.Cloud Computing

Cloud computing deals with providing software running resources and tools such as servers, storage, database and various applications in an online environment. This helps to minimise hardware dependency and provide limitless opportunities to developers. Companies are shifting their operations to cloud environment to minimise cost and maximise global reach. Cloud computing courses usually provide cloud architecture and cloud deployment models along with a range of cloud services and cloud security. Cloud computing is gaining usage in the recent times with the advent of services like Amazon Web services and Google cloud services.

6.Mobile Application Development

As everyone is opting for websites along with their personalised applications available through Google Play Store and Apple App store, mobile application development plays an important role in developing apps. Since the use of mobile phones have skyrocketed, having their own apps helps in better reach and generate greater customer mileage. Development for Android apps is done using Flutter and android studio. While Swift is used to develop applications for the IOS development. Covering and completing courses on app development can earn you some amazing opportunities in great companies.

7.Big Data

Big Data is the software domain that is essential to handle the large volume of data generated by an organization. It is rising field and companies are always looking for individuals who can handle and analyse Big Data operations efficiently. The Big data courses usually cover topics like Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL databases.

8.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a domain that helps in developing intelligent software’s and frameworks to perform task that require human level of intelligence. AI includes creating model, training the model and deployment of the same. It has topics like robotics, language processing and machine learning. As the use of AI is rising everywhere, it is lucrative sector for skilled individuals.


Java is a popular programming language. Java is primarily used to develop and wide range of software applications and web or even mobile applications. It is also a very essential programming language for competitive programming.  As Java is the first requirement of recruiters in almost all software development roles learning Java courses is very essential for students and job or internship seekers.


Cybersecurity is a less developed field in India and has a low number of skilled individuals. It is a method of protecting computer systems, networks and data from illegal access and damage. It also includes complete authorization of data in secrecy to avoid data leaks. The field of cyber security covers topics like ethical hacking and network security.  As cybersecurity issues are a great threat to a company, all the companies hire good and skilled cyber security engineers.

Software courses are an easy and excellent way for fresher’s as well as experienced individuals to upskill themselves with the best and most in-demand technological skills in the market. Completing the courses of fields like Python, Java, AI, data science, App development or cyber security can help individuals grab valuable and lucrative job opportunities. As the technology sector is constantly growing and changing, it is important for IT employees to stay up to date with the latest software trends and developments. So start enrolling in various courses and take your leap of faith.

Sanjog Meshram
Author: Sanjog Meshram