10 Freelancing websites to earn by using Python programming language

Python is widely recognized and favored for its versatility, user-friendly nature, and extensive library of resources. As freelancing has become a preferred method of earning income, numerous platforms offer opportunities to leverage Python skills. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Toptal, Codementor, PeoplePerHour, Hirable, FlexJobs, Fiverr, and 99Designs connect freelancers with clients seeking Python-related expertise. By connecting freelancers with clients, these platforms enable professionals to leverage their expertise in Python and earn money in diverse domains such as web development, data analysis, machine learning, and software development.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a highly popular freelancing website that has gained widespread recognition for its vast array of freelance job opportunities. It acts as a central platform for freelancers from different domains, encompassing areas such as web development, data entry, and programming. With a user base of over 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients, Upwork provides an extensive marketplace for individuals seeking Python-related work. The platform provided is user-friendly which helps freelancers to create their profiles and highlight their capabilities and the work samples added to their portfolios. They easily submit proposals for jobs that specifically match their field of interests, zeal, and expertise. Upwork’s robust communication and payment systems streamline the collaboration between freelancers and clients, making it a preferred choice for both parties.


Freelancer is a reputable platform for freelancers that covers a diverse array of job categories, including opportunities specifically related to Python. With its intuitive platform and extensive client base, Freelancer offers freelancers ample opportunities to find Python projects that align with their skills and interests. Freelancers can create profiles, showcase their portfolios, and bid on projects to secure work. The platform also provides tools for communication, project management, and secure payment processing, ensuring a smooth experience for freelancers and clients alike.


Guru is a freelancing website that presents a diverse range of job categories, making it suitable for freelancers with expertise in Python and related fields. The platform offers an intuitive interface where freelancers can build professional profiles, showcase their work samples, and browse through Python-related projects posted by clients. Guru’s streamlined system enables freelancers to submit proposals, negotiate terms, and collaborate with clients efficiently. The platform also incorporates secure payment options and communication tools to facilitate smooth interactions between freelancers and clients throughout the project lifecycle.


Toptal stands out as a highly selective freelancing platform that focuses on matching the top 3% of freelancers with premium clients. It provides Python-related job opportunities, including web development and data analysis, for highly skilled freelancers. Toptal maintains rigorous screening processes to ensure that only the most exceptional freelancers are accepted into their talent pool. This rigorous selection ensures that clients on the platform have access to top-quality Python expertise. The platform offers a personalized matching service, enabling clients to find freelancers whose skills precisely align with their project requirements.


Codementor is a unique platform that facilitates one-on-one sessions between clients and expert developers. It provides various job opportunities that involve Python, including roles in web development, data analysis, and machine learning. Freelancers with expertise in Python can create profiles highlighting their skills and experience and offer their services for mentorship, troubleshooting, or code review. Clients seeking Python-related guidance can connect with experienced developers through Codementor’s platform to receive personalized assistance and accelerate their learning or project progress.

6.People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is a freelancing website that caters to multiple job categories, providing opportunities for freelancers proficient in Python and related fields. The platform offers a straightforward interface where freelancers can create profiles, list their skills and expertise, and explore Python-related projects posted by clients. PeoplePerHour employs a rating system that allows freelancers to build their reputation based on client feedback and project success. The platform also features built-in communication tools and secure payment processing to facilitate smooth collaboration between freelancers and clients.


Hirable differentiates itself as a freelancing platform specializing in connecting businesses with pre-vetted freelancers who exhibit top-quality skills. It offers a range of Python-related jobs, including web development and data analysis, ensuring that businesses can access highly competent freelancers for their projects. Hirable employs a stringent screening process to verify the skills and expertise of freelancers before accepting them onto the platform. This thorough vetting ensures that clients can confidently hire freelancers who have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. With Hirable’s focus on quality, businesses can expect to collaborate with top-tier freelancers for their Python-related projects.


FlexJobs is a dedicated online job platform that focuses on listing remote, part-time, and freelance opportunities. It acts as a dependable source for discovering employment opportunities related to Python, such as web development, data analysis, and software development. FlexJobs features a curated selection of job postings from reputable companies, ensuring that freelancers can explore legitimate and high-quality Python projects. The platform provides advanced search filters and personalized job alerts, allowing freelancers to narrow down their search and find relevant opportunities that match their skills and preferences. FlexJobs aims to connect freelancers with flexible and remote work options, making it an ideal platform for those seeking Python-related freelance opportunities.


Fiverr is a well-established freelancing platform known for its diverse job offerings across various domains, including programming, design, and writing. Freelancers with expertise in Python can leverage Fiverr’s user-friendly platform to showcase their skills and offer Python-related services. The platform allows freelancers to create gig listings that outline the scope of their services, pricing, and delivery timeframes. Clients seeking Python-related work can browse through these listings and hire freelancers based on their requirements. Fiverr provides a secure payment system, clear communication channels, and a rating/review system to facilitate smooth collaboration between freelancers and clients.

10. 99Designs

99Designs is a specialized platform that focuses on graphic design projects, offering a range of Python-related jobs such as web design and logo design. Freelancers with expertise in Python and graphic design can showcase their portfolios and skills on 99Designs to attract clients looking for design services. The platform facilitates a competitive process where freelancers can participate in design contests or submit proposals for specific projects. Clients can review the design submissions and select the winning entry or engage in direct collaboration with freelancers for their design needs. 99Designs provides a platform that fosters creativity and connects freelancers with clients seeking high-quality design solutions.


In summary, when it comes to finding Python-related jobs, there is a plethora of freelancing websites available. Notable platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Toptal, Codementor, PeoplePerHour, Hirable, FlexJobs, Fiverr, and 99Designs offer numerous opportunities in areas such as web development, data analysis, and machine learning. Whether you are new to Python or an experienced developer, these websites present a wide range of possibilities for leveraging this versatile programming language to earn income. Regardless of your skill level, the abundance of opportunities in the Python domain ensures that you can find suitable projects and make the most of your ablity

Sanjog Meshram
Author: Sanjog Meshram